We help ambitious businesses grow.

We are fixing the biggest problem of dealing with large customers and the hardest one to fix: working capital.

You simply can't grow if you're paid in 60, 90 or 120 days unless you get access to working capital on good terms.

We need some information about your company to see if we're the right funding solution for you. This will take less than 2 minutes.
Do you need working capital facilities of between $100k and $5 million? *

Do you have a Proprietary Limited company registered in Australia?* *

Do you have accounts filed with the Australia Tax Office in the last 12 months showing at least $5 million in annual turnover? *

Ok. If you are on track to get to $5 million of turnover fairly soon then it should still be worth getting in touch.

Do you want to answer the remaining questions?

Was your company incorporated at least 3 years ago? *

Ok. If you are a younger company, it is still still worth getting in touch.

Is the credit history of your company, shareholders, directors and any related companies free of any defaults or adverse events?

(or, as our sales team would prefer to say, do you have a clean credit history?) *

For instance:

No insolvency manager/receiver or liquidator has ever been appointed to your company or a related company. There are no unsatisfied judgements entered in any court against the company, any of its officers or you. There are no legal action(s) pending against the company, related companies, directors, officers or shareholders?

None of the directors, officers or shareholders are undischarged bankrupts. Neither the company, any of its shareholders, directors, officers or related companies have ever become or been bankrupt or insolvent or assigned its/their estate/s for the benefit of creditors.
Great. We're nearly finished.

Do you only or mainly invoice your customers for completed work? *

For instance, you do not:

Sell on a sale/return/exchange basis

Sell on consignment basis

Invoice on a progress claim / milestone basis
Looking good! Now let's look at your main customers, your Top 5.

Are they major corporates, governmental bodies or other large institutions that typically pay your invoices on terms of 30 days and over? *

Examples of major corporates are Telstra, Woolworths and BHP - large well known companies. This also includes multi-national companies like Ford, Kraft and Unilever. Governmental bodies are organisations that are owned or funded by Federal, State or Local Government.

It is important that you contract directly with them, not through an intermediary company.
Great news! You're eligible for an InvoiceX growth facility - the best deal of its kind in Australia!

As long as you provided your email address, we will be in touch soon.

You can contact us on
PHONE : 1300 IX GROW    (1300 494 769)

for a quick follow up or to hurry us along.
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We're sorry to tell you that it looks like we can't help you. Do contact us if you're interested in making sure.

Thank you for your time and best wishes with your search.
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We're sorry to tell you that it looks like we can't help you. 

You might want to try ebroker which provides access to a wide variety of alternative finance lenders: http://www.ebroker.com.au/?ebkSource=29

Or you could ask a well-informed broker or your accountant.

Thank you for your time and best wishes with your search.
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